T-Point installed on a Jeep
Implement: Cat 1  scraper blade
This application is great for creating a smooth surface for rural roads and driveways.  
Additionally this is the perfect platform for preparing food plots for Deer, Turkey and other wild
game with implements such as a disk or small plow and even a landscape rake.
T-Point installed on a Land Rover Discovery SUV
Cat 1  five foot scraper blade.
Cat 1  five foot Box blade On F-250
Snow Plowing with a truck three point hitch
6 ft scraper blade on F-350
From Grading
your roads to
Planting your
food plots
for Deer, Turkey
and other wild
The T-Point Lift
can get the job
done without
the need for
More Power

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Jeep 3 point hitch called a T-Point Lift
ATV /UTV T-Point installed on a
Volkswagen Tiguan SUV
Great for food plots.
Large ATVs, TV's, Jeeps and other smaller
3 point hitch on Pickup Truck
SUV with Three point hitch
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Ranch and farm roads and driveways to prepping your deer and turkey food plot, the t-point can handle it all.

More frequent maintenance of rural roads without the use of heavy equipment, which saves fuel and money
for when the road needs to be repaired not just maintained.

Grading and scraping of dirt or gravel Roads, Driveways, moving dirt to fill in low spots
use with a landscape rake for various types of property maintenance.

Put a small disk behind your vehicle and you can prepare wildlife food plots where you may not have a
wire and or plumbing.

There are many other uses to put the T-point to work, but you can decide which is best suited for your
T-Point installed on a Polaris ATV
Cat 0 rake
T-Point Lift
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